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LinuxPR: MaximumLinux.com Resurrected As MaximumLinux.org

Feb 20, 2001, 18:14 (5 Talkback[s])

"This week brought much sadness to the Linux community. No, it wasn't that a kernel was delayed again, it was the death of Maximum Linux, and their web site, MaximumLinux.com. With that sad death, came what we hope to be a great birth; the birth of MaximumLinux.org!"

"With MaximumLinux.org, we have kept the spirit of MaximumLinux.com alive. We will provide the news, views, reviews, and how-tos that made MaximumLinux.com so popular, and its death so tragic, as well as much, much more! We will be offering a weekly newsletter on the site, that will appear on Mondays, as well as an editoral column, that will appear on the "Views" page, which will discuss weekly happenings in, and around the Linux community. We hope to have that for you on this Monday, but, no promises!"

"We will also be offering the previously mentioned editoral column, that will appear right here, every Friday! In the "Views" column, the writings will be composed of very heated topics, such as "Linux 2.4 vs. FreeBSD 4.2". The column will also be posted on our forum, where we want you to discuss, and even argue, to a point, about the topic. We want to hear from you; that's what this "e-zine" is going to be about!"

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