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LinuxJournal: Tim O'Reilly's Post-Apocalyptic Pants2Pants

Feb 24, 2001, 21:30 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Don Marti)

"During the Gold Rush, some prospectors got rich quick and some didn't. Levi Strauss got rich slow by selling everyone a pair of pants, which you need, gold or no gold. Getting into today's Peer-to-Peer rush without going to Tim O'Reilly's conference is like trying to mine gold with no pants on. Even though peer-to-peer as a business model makes about as much sense as a gold rush in a minefield, people are sure going to go through a lot of pants that way."

"Attendees at the conference included hackers from some of the cutting-edge crypto-elite trust-no-one projects such as Freenet, Free Haven and Mojo Nation (plus people from espra.net, who were searching for an Ethernet connection to finish their software for release during the conference); the inevitable venture capitalists and marketing people in search of business models; and reporters, some clueful, others just looking for whatever the Napster users are going to go use now that napster.com is Dead. The media line was as long as the regular attendee line at registration, for "Bob"'s sake."

"Now, even though I'm writing this in the secret Linux Journal bunker in Seattle, I can still hear all you Old Un*x Farts out there scoffing in your mighty beards. Peer-to-peer is just end-to-end for people who don't remember end-to-end, right?"

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