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Linux.com: SuSE 7.1 - A First Look

Feb 27, 2001, 14:50 (21 Talkback[s])
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"First of all, I must say that the documentation is superb. The booklet has a nicely illustrated "Getting started" tutorial, which is good to see. One of the smaller books, The Applications Guide" gives a nice overview of a few popular programs on a Linux system (Netscape, StarOffice, mc, Acrobat Reader, joe, GIMP, kscd, xmms, and xsane). The other smaller book, Configuration, is illustrated (by Rolf Wogt) and four color. It shows you how to customize a SuSE distribution to fit your needs."

"Installation went smoothly. Having used SuSE since 4.4.1, 7.1 I'd have to say that this version is the most polished and suitable for Mom & Dad so far, but without sacrificing features for the oft mentioned power user. The installation can be done either with yast2, (a SuSE supplied installation tool) with plenty of gray/green graphics or in textmode using yast. I used yast2 and didn't experience any problems whatsoever, with the possible exception of risking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by double-clicking too many times in the package selection menu. Since I installed SuSE 7.1 on my laptop, I wanted to keep my current partition scheme and use ReiserFS. I was surprised that I could choose a 2.4 kernel with ReiserFS without having to use a /boot partition, which was not possible with 7.0..."

"What's new besides KDE 2.0.1 and the 2.4 kernel? Quite a lot. XFree 4.02 can be used, as well as XFree 3.3.6, installable kernels are either 2.2.18 or 2.4. YAST2 can use GNU parted to shrink existing Windows partitions during the installation setup, everything is glibc 2.2.0 based, Netscape 6 is included, CUPS can be used for printing, a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) can be used, etc. SuSE 7.1 comes with so much software, it's impossible to cover it all in a short review like this. SuSE also tries to stick to the LSB standard and got rid of the /sbin/init.d/ directories and also changed the runlevels accordingly."

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