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LinuxPlanet: Lou's Views: Playing Hardball with Microsoft

Feb 28, 2001, 07:32 (22 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Lou Grinzo)

"There's been no lack of outrage in the Linux and open source arenas lately over Microsoft's actions, particularly some of Ji m Allchin's recent statements regarding the "threat" of open source or GPL'd software or whatever it was he was really talking about. Every time I see the Linux and open/free source supporters getting all huffed up about this incident or Microsoft's ongoing FUD war against Linux, I have to laugh. Not because it's just so much silliness from Microsoft (which it is), but because it doesn't even scratch the surface of what they're capable of and routinely do. Microsoft is not only far better at this game than you imagine, they're far better at it than you can imagine."

"...Want specifics? How about this: A couple of weeks ago I received an unsolicited magazine in the mail, a copy of something called eDirections: Enterprise Solutions for the Digital Age. I had never heard of the magazine, but it was very obviously a big-budget operation--it was printed on high-quality glossy paper with excellent use of photography and typography. I noticed that several of the article blurbs on the cover mentioned Microsoft products, but there wasn't a hint of a "should you be using Linux"-style article, which seemed odd, given what a pressing question this is today for this publication's intended audience. Flipping through the magazine I noticed that three of the six feature articles had author bios at the end indicating that the author's name was really a pseudonym. I can tell you without hesitation that this is very weird; a technical writer has nothing to sell but his or her reputation, so we aggressively collect resume bullets and use them whenever and wherever possible. And that means that anonymous writing is a waste of time, not to mention being very suspicious..."

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