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Linuxports.com: TUX, TermUnitX: Issue Six Released

Mar 05, 2001, 20:48 (4 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Poet for this link. ]

"The evil multi-national corporate conglomerate empire MegaSoft® reached out and nuked someone (just about everyone, as it turns out) in 2023 with a nuclear-capable e-mail virus, designed to stop anti-trust suits. It worked, really, really well. Evil wins."

"In 2076, however, Term Unit X, the militant arm of the New League of Nations Under Coherent Systems (New/Lonucs) is using a team of specially trained mutant-hybrids and extraordinary hackers to break into MegaSoft® of North America (MSNA)'s stronghold in Washington M.S., and free the world from the hands of MegaSoft®, dangerous code and irritating animated paperclips."

"Led by Term Unit X leader TUX (a cybernetic penguin-hybrid), alongside Wilder (an over-zealous Gnu-mutant), Ch (a mutant with a penchant for dressing like the Devil), and Cmdr Tako, one of the United Geek Front of America's ambassadors from the DashSlot stronghold, they descended into the not-so-abandoned Orange Computing Hive in Cupertino, off the Berkeley Front, fought off the brutal Orange Computing iSects, made their way to the ancient World-Wide-Warp Googol Portal, and jumped into warpspace."

"After Cmdr Tako was mysteriously re-directed from the rest of the team in the middle of World-Wide-Warp space, TUX, Wilder and Ch were left alone to fulfill their infiltration of MegaSoft®. As the Unit approached the end of the Warp pipe, however, uncertainty loomed heavily over the future of the mission."

"Last Issue, it became clear why there was so much uncertainty, as Term Unit X fell into a well-orchestrated trap, set by Megasoft®, with the willing help of the hired mercenaries, DeadWare, Inc. Just when all appeared hopeless for New/Lonucs and Term Unit X, the Open Source Community showed it had a few daemonic tricks up its sleeve."

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