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AllLinuxDevicesPR: OnCore Systems Expands Embedded Linux Offerings

Mar 05, 2001, 17:21 (0 Talkback[s])

"OnCore Systems Corporation, developer of the OnCore Systems Software Foundation, the most powerful embedded OS of its kind, today announced two additional embedded Linux usage models for system builders. Following in the footsteps of OnCore's Linux for Real-Time announcement, OnCore introduces: Linux OnDemand and Linux OnCall."

"OnCore's Linux OnDemand product enables embedded engineers to design systems that will facilitate the loading of a standard version of Linux into embedded systems--on an as-needed basis. By utilizing OnCore's Systems Software Foundation, Linux and its applications are loaded on top of OnCore's microkernel foundation and reside within individual MMU-protected partitions. Standard Linux applications run unmodified in this environment. When no longer needed, OnCore's Linux OnDemand can safely unload the Linux operating system and applications--even while the system continues to function in a production environment."

"Using OnCore's Linux OnDemand, customers can, for example, reconfigure remote network devices as required. When a local or remote unit needs to be reconfigured with a modified C program, all a system engineer has to do is load Linux OnDemand, run a compiler and linker on the target system, optionally storing a backup version of the newly created application module on a remotely connected disk drive, then execute the reconfigured C application to create a totally new embedded environment personality. A bonus feature is that, optionally, Linux OnDemand can delete itself to release valuable memory for ongoing tasks. With this functionality, Linux OnDemand can significantly lower support costs; enable engineers to reconfigure live, remote systems without traveling to the remote site; and facilitate systems to be reconfigured on the fly without bringing down a working unit."

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