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KDE.org: The People Behind KDE: Dirk Mueller

Mar 10, 2001, 22:00 (0 Talkback[s])

"Q: What is your role within KDE?"

"A: Right now I'm mainly working on the Konqueror HTML engine of KDE 2.x, its a very interesting and challenging work so I spent most of my time on this. In general I like improving KDE overall, fixing performance and usability issues or bugs. I try to keep an eye on the development and take a look at whatever is interesting me at the moment. Especially I like working on the nasty little details that make things perfect, hence my addiction to KHTML ;-)"

"I'm probably the only KDE developer that hasn't written a pure KDE program from ground up yet, probably because I used to maintain some programs and all of them started to be a nightmare for me after a while, mainly because I'm always interested in new things and not on working, maintaining and supporting the same "old" program as soon as it fits my needs and has the mandatory coffee machine controlling interface ;-). KDE and especially KHTML are the ideal projects for me because there are so many things to work on and play with. Every day something new to investigate and to dig in, that's why I'm quite happy with the current situation. If I'd be forced to choose and work on a single program (and KHTML is "finished" somewhen), I would work on something graphics and/or multimedia related. I like POV-Ray and in the ancient times I used Windows I liked Paint Shop Pro, so you can guess ;-)"

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