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IBM developerWorks: wxPython for newbies

Mar 10, 2001, 18:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Shailendra for this link. ]

"You can write a Python script in minutes and have incredibly nice-looking GUI apps for your desktop. This article shows you how to use one Python-savvy GUI library, wxPython, to do just that. Impress your friends and neighbors!"

"This article is about wxPython, but wxPython is really the combination of two things: the Python scripting language and the wxWindows library of GUI functionality (for an intro to wxWindows, see "Looking through wxWindows", here on developerWorks . The wxWindows library is a C/C++ library that abstracts GUI functionality for maximum portability. So wxWindows apps can run natively under Windows, UNIX with X, KDE or Gnome, or whatever wxWindows has been ported to (unfortunately that doesn't yet include the Macintosh). Of course Python, as a scripting engine, is also extremely portable (and does run on the Macintosh, not that it helps if you want to write desktop GUI code). Combining the two means that your wxPython apps are not only quick and easy to write, they'll also run without changes on either Windows or UNIX."

"You might be thinking, "But that's why I have Java. Java is also portable." Well, if you've ever tried to install a Java application on Windows, you might recognize that this isn't entirely the case. The Java virtual machine is big, it doesn't always work the way you want, and worst of all, Java windows aren't real windows so interaction with the host system is always at arm's length, so to speak."

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