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LinuxUser.co.uk: LinuxUser issue 7 now available for download

Mar 12, 2001, 22:56 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Daniel James for this announcement: ]

Articles now available at http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/articles/issue7/index.html in PDF format include:

Contents and Editorial 132k
Is new always better? Is upgrading obligatory? Not in the Linux world, says Trevor Parsons, where you can quite safely ignore new kernel releases without the fear of becoming unsupported, and where some of the most exciting and most productive technologies of the moment have their roots far in the past

News 176k
The news that counts, including the release of Linux 2.4.0, the latest analyst predictions for Linux, our assessment of a cluster of huge Linux deployments by IBM, plus new products and upcoming events

Cover feature - New power for the enterprise 116k
The 2.4 release of the Linux kernel ushers in significant advances on all platforms. Richard Hillesley examines the new developments and what they mean for the future of Linux... at work and at play

Soapbox - See what you mean 41k
Is there an alternative to the WYSIWYG approach to word processing? Richard Hillesley prescribes the antidote to non-productivity suites: LyX, which allows you to structure your documents without distracting you with irrelevant format issues

LinuxUser Conference 116k
Whether you were just after information to help you evaluate Linux for your company, or a seasoned industry insider looking for opportunities, the first LinuxUser Conference in December was simply the business

Open forum - Skill shortages and solutions 109k
Search the online recruitment sites, and you'll see how many firms are looking for people with skills in Linux. According to analysts, the demand is set to rise... and may soon constrict adoption of the system. We ask a panel of trainers and integrators: Will skills shortages squeeze Linux?

All you need to know about... X 155k
Richard Bown tells the story of the X Window System as a display medium, a distribution framework for applications and a potential delivery agent for application service providers... and says that although it seems to have been around forever, the future looks rosy for X

Power tools - Remote control Linux 119k
One of the most valuable features of Linux is that you can do almost anything to your computer by remote control, facilitating remote administration and support. Charlie Stross investigates the various protocols and tools that make this possible

The Knowledge 62k
Exclusive: IBM ramps up internal training, plus the latest free module - Printing Services - from the Linux Training Materials Project

Roundup - The source factories 668k
How - and where - do developers work together on open source projects? Charlie Stross surveys the growing phenomenon of powerful, centralised collaborative development resources

Linux at work - Making it pay 80k
One of the UK's top five UK providers for real-time internet credit card processing, SECPay, depends on Linux to transaction millions of pounds worth of business every month. It's a matter of reliability, functionality and security, the company tells Trevor Parsons

Reviews - Products and services 192k
A distribution that's child's play to install, a top-rated security hardening product, one of the first and finest non-linear editing solutions for Linux, and visual development software for Java - reviewed and rated by the LinuxUser team

Books 96k
Our expanded literary section brings you the classic Unix 'Red Book', a readable reference manual on the world's most popular web server, a compelling read about version control, and a persuasive call to embrace insanity

Free Speech 44k
Free software or open source? Well, which is it? This is the terminological debate that just won't lie down. The Free Software Foundation's brief, Eben Moglen, says we're all talking about the same thing, but often from radically different viewpoints