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Community: Eurorights lauched

Mar 17, 2001, 21:32 (0 Talkback[s])

LarsG writes:

I thought you might be interested in this.

From "About Eurorights":

Q - What is Eurorights?

A - Eurorights can be described as a virtual organization. The purpose is to provide a resource where members of the public, organizations and interest groups can gather to share information and coordinate efforts to make sure that the public's interest is not forgotten in the current battle over copyright in the digital domain.

Q - I've never heard about you before.

A - Not surprising, since this effort started in early March 2001.

Q - Is there really a need for an organization like Eurorights?

A - The unfortunate answer is yes. Content producers want to turn the Internet into a piracy free environment, and is lobbying for laws and designing digital 'barbed wire' to obtain that goal. There is nothing wrong with trying to stop piracy. However, these laws and technologies will also give the publishers the means to deny legal conduct. For example, the ability to give or lend a digital book you have bought to someone else.

EuroRights Hoempage

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