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HP Linux Inkjet Project Releases Drivers

Mar 27, 2001, 09:10 (40 Talkback[s])

Hewlett-Packard has released drivers for over 30 of their inkjet printers. The drivers themselves are provided under a mixture of licenses, ranging from GPL for GNU-licensed Ghostscript additions, the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL) for the glue code, and a BSD license with an "HP product only" clause for the HP Inkjet Server software.

The drivers are currently available as binary RPM's as well as a source tarball.

Supported printers for this release include:

  • e-Series: e-20 Basic Printing Support
  • DeskJet 600C Series: 600C, 660C, 670/672C, 670TV, 680/682C Basic Printing Support
  • DJ 600C Series Photo: 610/612C, 640/648C, 690/692/693/694/695/697C
  • DeskJet 630C Series: 630/632C Basic Printing Support
  • DeskJet 800C Series: 810/812C, 830/832C, 840/842C, 880/882C, 895C
  • DeskJet 900C Series: 900c, 930/932C, 950/952C, 970C Basic Printing Support
From the project page:

"HP has developed solutions for printing with Deskjet inkjet printers in Linux. The drivers and support resources for the HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project are available on this site."

"The HP driver provides basic printing support for more than 30 Deskjet printer models. Basic printing support means very good print quality and will generally work in two print modes plain paper normal, and photo paper best."

"The HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project is a add-on to the GNU Ghostscript application. This driver is based on the Hewlett Packard Appliance Printing Development Kit (APDK) for deskjet printers."

Project Homepage

License Information

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