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Linux Gazette: Finding my computer at home from the outside

Apr 01, 2001, 20:00 (20 Talkback[s])
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"The purpose of this article is to make it so I can find my computer at home when I am traveling around the Bay Area doing computer work, recruiting, and volunteer work. Most of the time, I am busy traveling around, although I am able to work from home half the time now. My computer at home uses a Ricochet modem. The dumb people who promised me a good DSL connection and a satellite connection where I live were a bunch of morons. The max DSL I could get would be 144k (which I found out AFTER I moved in), which is pointless when I already have a Ricochet modem at 128k. Plus, I am facing the wrong way for a satellite connection. Whatever you do, make sure the morons who sell you their apartments have it in the contract that you are promised certain speed connections to the internet, or you can break the contract with no penalty. As soon as it is worth, I am moving. For now, I am stuck with a dial-up connection, which isn't bad most of the time."

"Some people can have static DSL connections, which takes of the problem I have, which is my ip address to the internet changes each time I dial up. I used to email myself the ip address, parse out the data, and put it on a webpage. I have a better solution now. I use ssh to transfer a file to my remote web server once an hour."

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