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LinuxPR: Rackspace Releases Knark Antidote to Linux Community

Apr 04, 2001, 14:35 (5 Talkback[s])

"Rackspace Managed Hosting, a leading provider of managed Internet hosting services, today announced the release of ``Alamo,'' a solution to Knark, which is a lethal weapon in the Linux computer hacker's arsenal."

"Knark is a type of cracking weapon often referred to as a Trojan horse -- a program that hides malicious or harmful code inside seemingly harmless data. Knark is used by hackers to cover their tracks, making it virtually impossible to detect any kind of malicious activity until it is too late. After infiltrating the server, a hacker can insert Knark into the deepest level of the Linux operating system and use it to shoot down any attempts at discovery."

"As Knark is virtually undetectable while a computer is running, the problem poses a serious threat to computer security, particularly for servers that need to be up and running constantly. The only way to detect whether or not Knark is being used is to take the system offline and perform an ``autopsy'' on the drive. If the system is mission-critical, however, taking a server down may not be a viable option."

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