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DukeOfURL: Pogo Linux Velocity - IDE RAID on Linux

Apr 04, 2001, 15:14 (7 Talkback[s])
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"These days there are an abundance of different companies you can buy a pre-built computer from. There are a wide array of not only Windows boxes, but also Linux boxes, as well. While the Linux market isn't quite as flooded as the Windows market, there is some stiff competition amongst VA Linux, Penguin Computing and Pogo Linux. Still, up until Pogo Linux recently entered the scene, a Linux machine carried quite a premium over a Windows machine and it often meant you would need to deal with older components such as PC100 SDRAM and Slot A processors. Often times the latest hardware could be found in pre-built Windows machines such as PC133 SDRAM and Socket A processors."

"In addition to this, getting IDE RAID on a pre-built machine was next to impossible whether you chose Windows or Linux. This left most users to DIY (Do It Yourself) methods such as building their own machines, which can spell quite a bit of confusion if you have no prior experience with building machines, much less Linux."

"Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux set out to change all this. While they did formerly put parts like the Cyrix M2 and S3 Virge in their machines, a lot has changed since then. Not only were they one of the first in Linux to smash barriers with hardware, such as utilizing a Socket A Athlon instead of the Slot A variety, but they also have recently brought IDE RAID to pre-built computers. This is a rarity among not only Linux machines, but also Windows machines."

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