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Linux-Mandrake 8.0 officially released

Apr 20, 2001, 02:21 (37 Talkback[s])

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MandrakeSoft announces the immediate availability for download of the Linux-Mandrake 8.0 via different Internet servers. With this new version, MandrakeSoft confirms its commitment to offering the most complete, powerful and user-friendly Linux operating system available.

Linux-Mandrake 8.0 will be available in mid-May at leading software retailers in three distinct packages.

Linux-Mandrake Standard Edition 8.0: Linux for the people. Ideal for beginners and experienced users alike, features all the tools necessary for a desktop workstation and basic server use.

Linux-Mandrake PowerPack Edition 8.0: All the power of Linux. Based on the award-winning Linux-Mandrake operating system, this extensive package includes the best Open Source and commercial software available. PowerPack 8.0 is ideally suited for setting up a workstation or server with both ease and security.

Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0: The Linux enterprise solution. Designed for small and medium businesses, the Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0 has been specifically designed to include all the necessary tools and applications required for today's demanding computing environment. In addition to extended enterprise support, powerful tools make the ProSuite Edition ideal for setting up stable and secure servers.

Users will also benefit from MandrakeExpert, MandrakeSoft's new online technical support platform.

According to Frederic Bastok, co-founder of MandrakeSoft, "we are very proud of our new distribution. Not only is it user-friendly and powerful, but Linux-Mandrake 8.0 also comprises over 2,300 applications, including StarOffice, the complete office suite compatible with MS Office, and IBM Via Voice, the market-leading voice recognition system. Once again, in the purest Open Source tradition, our distribution and its codes are available on the Web for free download. Moreover, we continue to follow our motto 'release soon, release early', inspired from Eric S. Raymond. Our approach of making the distribution available on the Web before the launch of the commercial packages is an effort to thank the numerous developers and testers who constantly contribute to this fabulous project."

Graphical interfaces
MandrakeSoft continues to build on its promise of offering its users an easy to use and fully-graphical Linux operating system for both the novice and professional user.

The 8.0 version contains the best possible graphical interfaces, available in their latest version, including:
KDE 2.1.1 ,2.1.1, featuring many enhancements from the 2.0 release, plus 2.1 bug fixes. The most important enhancements have been made to Konqueror, the multi - purpose file manager and fast Web Browser, Kmail, a full-featured mail program, Kicker, the taskbar, and many others.
GNOME 1.4, Nautilus and Evolution: Gnome environment now comes with Nautilus 1.0, an innovative file manager. Evolution 0.9, a complete groupware suite is also available allowing enhanced e-mail, contacts and appointments in a single unified environment.

3D Hardware Acceleration
A great number of graphic cards are automatically detected and 3D acceleration is operational without further configuration, such as Matrox G200/G400, Voodoo III/V/Banshee, Intel i810 & i815, ATI Rage 128/Pro, 3D Rage XL/EC, 3D Rage LT, Nvidia, GeForce I, II...

Efficient and easy installation
A user-friendly tool allows a personalized installation with many configuration tools. Linux-Mandrake 8.0 offers a new OEM installation method, with minimal intervention making it possible to configure various machines and install the operating system in a few minutes. Moreover, the Logical Volume Manager offers optimal partitioning management. This new version of the OEM installation will allow quick dual - boot installation, including both Windows and Linux-Mandrake.

Linux-Mandrake 8.0 also includes the latest version of DrakX Installer.

System -- The 2.4 Kernel and XFree86
Kernel 2.4.3 has been included as the default kernel in Linux-Mandrake 8.0. Among many new features, wider USB support, better SMP (Symertic MulitProcessing Support), brand new IP and firewalling stacks, and a 64Go memory support. The 2.2 kernel has also been included, together with XFree86 in version 4.0.3 supporting the latest video cards.

The RPM manager (RPM 4.0) is compatible with all the packages designed for RedHat distributions, including the most recent ones.

In order to simplify and improve the selection of packages, all the tools included in the Linux-Mandrake 8.0 are now centralized in a unified configuration tool, Mandrake Control Center. Tasks such as network or printer configuration are easily carried out thanks to this new complete and centralized post configuration tool.

Many development tools are available, including Kdevelop, Glade, GCC 2.96, Glibc 2.2.2, and Qt.

Hardware Support
MandrakeSoft is known as the distribution that best supports all the latest hardware. HardDrake offers a very broad spectrum of hardware supported thanks to the introduction of the latest kernels, drivers and patches.

A thorough and powerful server solution
The ProSuite version of Linux-Mandrake 8.0 also incorporates powerful server tools with free-of-charge regular security updates, provided in record time. These tools include an optimized version of Apache Web Application Server, to deploy Web applications, POP3 and IMAP for reliable email servers and a selection of the most efficient database servers. Moreover, the protection of the network is carried out by a firewall and a router, protection that is optimized thanks to the 2.4.3 kernel and a range of easy-to-use configuration tools.

A great variety of 2D and 3D games are included, such as Pingus, Clanbomber, Nil, Trophy, Chromium, Tuxracer, Bzglag, Gltron, Cannon Smash, Tuxkart, and Tux: a quest of Herring. Flight gear, a flight simulator based on real aviation sites, is available in the PowerPack and ProSuite editions.

And the latest available programs
A wide range of programs covers all the needs of all users, from the beginner to the Linux professional, such as the Gimp, Mozilla, Gnapster, Konqueror, Kmail, Kdevelop, Nautilus, Evolution, Sun StarOffice 5.2, IBM ViaVoice in its full version, Acrobat Reader, Flash, Netscape, Java 2, Real Player 8.0, and the rest.

Language availability

Linux-Mandrake Standard Edition 8.0 will be available in English and French. Linux-Mandrake PowerPack Edition 8.0 will be available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0 will be available in English, French and German.

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