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PC Magazine: Comparing Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux/Nautilus

Apr 20, 2001, 00:39 (46 Talkback[s])
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PC Magazine did a comparison of Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux running Nautilus. Even though the reviewer said some nice things about the Red Hat/Nautilus combo, the final scorecard had Red Hat/Nautilus inferior to both Mac OS X and Windows XP in ease of use, its feature set, device support, and available software. Furthermore, the PC Magazine editors refused to rate Red Hat in terms of backward compatibility, as "there are not enough Linux applications to warrant this kind of a rating." The only category where Red Hat was deemed the equal of the other products was ease of installation, where it was deemed equal to Mac OS X. As the reviewer wrote:

"Nautilus is good, but it shouldn't give the average PC user the false hope that it makes Linux an uncomplicated 'hands-off' operating system. Nautilus is an enhanced file manager that makes maneuvering around Linux easier, but it's not a new OS. Any advanced configuration task, such as installing a 3-D graphics card or repartitioning a hard drive, will require a solid knowledge of Unix/Linux--with Nautilus or without."

As one might predict, PC Magazine solidly came down in favor of Windows XP.

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