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LinuxPPC's Jason Haas steps down

May 01, 2001, 19:30 (2 Talkback[s])
In a stunning announcement, LinuxPPC co-founder Jason Haas has announced
that he is resigning from LinuxPPC Inc. The company makes a popular Linux
distribution for Apple Power Macintosh and other PowerPC-based computers.

Haas first came on board as the company's marketing director.  His duties
expanded to include webmaster, documentation writer, news editor, and head
of media relations and customer service. Haas' favorite title, however,
was "Unnamed Source."  An unnamed source at the company said that Haas
would be retaining that title.

Why He is Leaving

Haas explained that he was burned out. "Three or four years of trying to
do as much as humanly possible will do that to you," he noted. "The wreck
I was in last year also has forced me to reevaluate a lot of things in my
life. It's time for me to move on."

Haas is satisfied with the spread of LinuxPPC that he helped achieve.
"LinuxPPC is being used everywhere, from high-level government labs to a
local technical college's art department. Every time you use a TiVo,
you're using a not-too-distant relative of LinuxPPC. LinuxPPC is

He went on in some detail about LinuxPPC's accomplishments. "As much as
Linux distributions are becoming a commodity, it is very important to have
innovation happening in the Linux distribution world. I'm quite proud of
what LinuxPPC did in that regard. We were the first version of Linux for
the PowerPC with BootX, bootable CD-ROMs, and a graphical installer and
graphical partitioning program. A graphical version of the yaboot and
miboot utilities is the latest development. Four major innovations is
quite a record to have."

That said, Haas is retiring from the computer world. He revealed some of
his plans, saying "I'm going to do this nutty thing I hear the kids are
doing: I'm going to college. I never finished college.  Things are
aligning themselves in a manner that says it's time to do that."

Beyond that? "Only the future knows," said Haas. "Right now, I'm going on
vacation. My wife and I never got a honeymoon, if you can believe that.  
We're finally having one," he said with a grin.

Haas went on to say, "I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone
who wrote an e-mail, card, or letter to myself and my wife Cassandra last
year after that drunk idiot tried to kill me. Your support made a big
difference in my recovery, so, thank you. You also donated several hundred
dollars to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in recognition of what happened
to me. Thank you for that!"

"Rather than end this on a stirring, sentimental note, I will leave you
with a very important mission for you to undertake: have fun."

Haas was not available for further comment.

A copy of this announcement is available at


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