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WIRED: U.S.: DVD Decoder is Terrorware

May 02, 2001, 19:56 (42 Talkback[s])

You might have thought you were downloading DeCSS so you could play DVD's on your Linux machine, but the US Attorneys arguing over the 2600/DeCSS case know that's just the first step to "programs that shut down navigational programs in airplanes or smoke detectors in hotels."

The US DoJ has weighed in on the side of the Motion Picture Association of America on this particular case.

According to this report from the court room, arguments like that may have the geeks in the back row snickering, but the issue has far-reaching consequences as attorneys for the MPAA maintain that far from picking on 2600, they'd consider suits against the New York Times and others for linking to software they believe violates their copyrights.

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