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MOSIX 1.0 Released

May 04, 2001, 23:59 (4 Talkback[s])

Aurelien Marchand writes:

The final version (1.0) of MOSIX is here at last.

This version is an update for the kernel 2.4.4 and some bugs have been squished.

Mosix is an software package to create Linux Clusters in No-Time(tm).

From the Mosix homepage:

MOSIX is a software package that enhance the Linux kernel with cluster computing capabilities. The enhanced kernel allows any size cluster of X86/Pentium based workstations and servers to work cooperatively as if part of a single system.

To run in a MOSIX cluster, there is no need to modify applications or to link with any library, or even to assign processes to different nodes. MOSIX does it automatically, like an execution in an SMP - just "fork and forget". For example, you can create many processes in your (login) node and let MOSIX assign these processes to other nodes. If you type "ps", then you will see all your processes, as if they run in your node.

The core of MOSIX are adaptive resource management algorithms that monitor and respond (on-line) to uneven work distribution among the nodes in order to improve the overall performance of all the processes. These algorithms use preemptive process migration to assign and reassign the processes among the nodes, to continuously take advantage of the best available resources. The MOSIX algorithms are geared for maximal performance, overhead-free scalability and ease-of-use.