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IBM Notes.net: Jekyll & Hyde: Linux or Windows 2000?

May 08, 2001, 17:23 (8 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Nicholas Donovan for this link. ]

Though this article eventually concerns itself specifically with Linux and Windows 2000 as they relate to Domino, it provides a sober (and friendly enough) interview with a pair of advocates. It seems like "the Linux guy" gives up more points, but it's an interesting piece that goes into issues of TCO and migrating from Domino/NT to Domino/Linux.

You could look back and you could say that when Linux first came out, it was a pain in the neck to set up and to administer because it was all from the command line. It was all individual packages. Since then, the vendors have worked really hard at making it so that setting up a system is easy. For example, there is this concept of a Linux kick-start server, wherein a user boots a new machine off a floppy that connects to this kick-start server and installs a "default" Linux system on the new machine. And because Linux has remote administration, our system admins can remotely administer those machines as well. Additionally, one of the things they have done is added these nice GUIs to do the administering. So it's come a huge way.

Now compared to Windows 2000, each platform has its own tools to do things and each one has remote administration. A new user who has never done administration is going to have about the same learning curve. However, if I'm a Windows administration person and I'm moving over to Linux, it's going to be a pain. But it's the same way going from Linux to Windows because everything is hidden and there's not one place to go for administration. There is the control panel, but then there's also system management, and so on. There's not one, single thing for administration. Linux has some of these same issues, so it's very similar. I actually see them as similar products in their administration nowadays.

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