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The Register: MS 'screw Linux' Blade tech debuts in... Transmeta servers

May 09, 2001, 15:39 (27 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Andrew Orlowski)

Yesterday we linked to an article about the RLX 'Blade' ultradense, low heat output, low energy consumption servers. RLX is shipping the servers with either Red Hat Linux or Windows 2000. This article in the Register cocks a jaundiced eye at the proceedings, noting that this week also marks the debut of Microsoft's own "Server Appliance Kit," the marketing material for which, by the way, is an interesting read:

"Note that two of the compelling features that Microsoft boasts for the Server Appliance Kit are 'clarity of Intellectual Property Ownership' and 'Predictability of the Development Process'. This is the first time we've seen Microsoft give up its position of lofty distain towards Linux and software libre in its product marketing materials, and after Craig Mundie's assault on open source (and GPL) last week, we can conclude that there'll be plenty more where this came from."

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