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Making That Move to Linux: A Pair of First-Person Accounts

May 09, 2001, 20:56 (17 Talkback[s])

Everyone likes a success story, so here's one, plus a story of the work in progress: the first from a Windows 9x user (and embedded Linux website editor) who first realized he wanted a Linux desktop in late 1999 and finally had his wish come true in the form of Red Hat 7.1; and another from a Windows NT devotee who's still in transition, thanks to the window of opportunity opened by some hardware problems.

From Rick Lehrbaum of LinuxDevices.com's account:

"...The real breakthrough came with the arrival of Red Hat 7.1 which, of course, includes up-to-date versions of GNOME, KDE, XFree86 (including a working font-server), and -- as I was about to discover -- a later version of Netscape than the one I'd been struggling with for the past year.

To be sure I hadn't created any bogus problems, I backed up my valuable data and performed a "new install" of Red Hat 7.1. This way, I'd be clearing away the residue of all my previous experiments and starting fresh.

The installation process went smoothly, and my system booted crisply with the new Linux 2.4 kernel that is a standard feature of RH 7.1. Wanting to be sure networking and the Internet were installed properly, I tried out my "favorite" browser -- Netscape. Not expecting anything to be different, since Linux Netscape seemed frozen in time like some prehistoric mammoth buried in ice at the North Pole, I configured and tested Netscape's email client and checked it out."

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And the first part of a series comes from William Henning of AboutLinux.com:

"Since I am in the midst of reviewing Mandrake 8 for now I'll use that as my desktop test bed."

[Impression so far: a lot of nice software, but it could have used a bit more quality control before release - there are several minor configuration issues that need to be solved after an installation. See Mandrake 8.0: Running Apache / SSL / PHP / PostgeSQL for some of the configuration issues and their solutions.]

...Replacing HotMetal Pro is more of a problem. I've reviewed TopPage for Linux, and it seemed like a decent program - I guess I'll try IBM's WebSphere Builder. There is always Netscape Composer if all else fails."

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