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LinuxNewbie.org: A letter to operating system designers

May 14, 2001, 16:39 (36 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Timothy Nordloh)

Sensei writes in with this from LinuxNewbie:

Linux, Microsoft, Apple! It's so confusing! which operating system is best? I'm here to tell you, as briefly as possible, that it doesn't matter. First of all, the majority of users are like me; they see their operating system for no more than three seconds, before launching their favorite application. Second, we know you all want money, even the Linux companies. also, we know you're in bed with the hardware companies.

After reading the line on the bottom of the new Mac OS X, display box, I now know that it is the "Most Advanced Operating System in the World". All this statement tells me is that even Apple can't be trusted to be completely honest.

...We want to frag the our opponents, and play chess. But we don't care too much whether our desktop background is centered or tiled. We don't even freakin' notice when the mouse changes as we roll it over an icon! My advice is this; go back to the drawing board and make my computer simpler. Make it quicker. Where do I want to go today? Today I want to go play Quake III. I don't care if your name is Bill Gates, I don't care if your name is Steve Jobs. Just get me there in under ten seconds. But if you're name is Linus, I'll give you fifteeen seconds, because I like penguins."

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