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UnixReview: The Top 50 Things to Know to Pass the Sair Exam 103

May 20, 2001, 14:00 (2 Talkback[s])
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Here are three:

  1. There are three classes of IP addresses that can be assigned to hosts, identifiable by the first octet:
    • Class A hosts fall within the range of 1-126
    • Class B hosts fall within the range of 128-191
    • Class C hosts are between 192-223
  2. The address range from to is known as Class D and is used for IP multicasting. Class E addresses are between 240-255, with 255 being used for broadcasting.
  3. A private address range exists within each of the classes and can be used for hosts that do not directly communicate with the outside world (other than through an address translator/proxy server). The ranges, by class, are:
    • Class A hosts use 10.x.x.x
    • Class B hosts in the private range are between 172.16.x.x to 172.31.x.x
    • Class C hosts use 192.168.x.x

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