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RootPrompt.org: Unix Wizards: A Path To Knowledge

May 20, 2001, 15:47 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Victor Grubbs)

RootPrompt has dug out and dusted off an amusing enough counterpoint to the item linked earlier regarding passing the Sair certification:

"O, Nobly Born: know that the Nutshell Guides are but the outermost Portal of the True Enlightenment. Worthy are they (and praise to the Name of O'Reilly, whose books show the Hackerly Spirit in numerous pleasing ways), but the Nutshell Guides are only the Beginning of the Road.

If thou desirest with True Desire to tread the Path of Wizardly Wisdom, first learn the elementary Postures of Kernighan & Pike's The Unix Programming Environment; then, absorb the mantic puissance of March Rochkind's Advanced Unix Programming and W. Richard Stevens's Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment. Immerse thyself, then, in the Pure Light of Maurice J. Bach's The Design Of The UNIX Operating System. Neglect not the Berkelian Way; study also The Design Of The 4.3BSD UNIX Operating System by Samuel Leffler, Kirk McKusick et. al. For useful hints, tips, and tricks, see UNIX Power Tools, Tim O'Reilly, ed. Consider also the dark Wisdom to be gained from contemplation of the dread Portable C And UNIX Systems Programming, e'en though it hath flowed from the keyboard of the mad and doomed Malvernite whom the world of unknowing Man misnames "J. E. Lapin".

...O Nobly Born, if thou dost all these things, thy Wizardhood shall surely come upon thee; but not of a sudden, and not until after thy arrogant Mind hath more than half Forgotten that such was its Aim. For know this --- you may not by thyself in Pride claim the Mantle of Wizardry; that way lies only Bogosity without End."

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