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Slashdot: Should You Donate Money to Companies?

May 28, 2001, 15:35 (26 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by John Buswell, Cmdr Taco)

Is a software company asking for donations worth your money or is it a case of exploiting the good will of the Linux community? This is a column in two parts: an angry tirade by a reader, and a firm rebuttal by Rob Malda, who calls claims of exploitation so much posturing by non-coding fanboys.

From the reader:

"...Wouldn't you be outraged if a car company came out and asked for donations to improve safety features or fuel economy? These are company expenses to improve their product, so people buy more and they make more money. It's not something you ask for donations for. While I appreciate the many things Mandrake has done for Linux, I don't think they have the right to ask for money from their customers. If they were taking donations and giving funds to projects like Gnome, KDE, Apache or FSF, that would be fine, but these are ways to fund their products."
From Mr. Malda:
"The attitude that John presents above scares me. I don't mean any offense to John, he seems like a smart guy, but I've seen so many 31337 h4x0r Linux types who've never contributed a line of code rant on about the evils of various free software companies. Yet I know many guys who've actually contributed huge chunks of code and, well, they just don't care. It's a case where the fanboys have invented some sort of cause that isn't all that important instead of doing something relevant. Those who can, code, those who don't complain."

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