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LinuxUser issue 10 now available for download

Jun 12, 2001, 16:30 (0 Talkback[s])
LinuxUser issue 10 is now available for download in PDF format at:


Contents include:

 Editorial 63k
While legislative time is spent on Andrew Millar's bill to increase 
the penalty for unauthorised copying to ten years, says Trevor 
Parsons, lucrative public sector awards are tying us further into 
proprietary software

 News 113k
The UK government moves on patents, IBM unveils Linux-enabled 
iSeries, new evidence released on Linux adoption in Germany, Progeny 
Linux sugars Debian's pill, plus the latest from the fast-growing 
Smoothwall project

 Cover feature - Money to burn? 116k
When budgets are tight, the low price tag of Linux looks tempting. 
But factor in issues of reliability, flexibility, maintenance, 
interoperability and conformance to standards, says Richard 
Hillesley, and its biggest financial advantages look to be long-term

 Conference report - CODE 100k
Cambridge may be a beneficiary of huge investment by Microsoft, which 
describes open source as an intellectual property killer, but it 
nevertheless recently played host to CODE, an international 
conference grappling with the impact of the free software meme on the 
knowledge ecology. Trevor Parsons reports

 Open personalities - Bruce Perens, beyond proprietary 139k
Perens led the Debian Project, defined open source, helped turn 
business on to Linux, and boasts credits for two Hollywood 
blockbusters. Now strategic adviser to computer giant 
Hewlett-Packard, the Toy Story technocrat is as outspoken as ever 
against the world of constraint

 Testbed - Web servers 364k
Everyone and their dog might seem to be running Apache, but there are 
plenty of other alternatives worthy of consideration. Martin Howse 
puts six web servers, both large and small, through their paces

 All you need to know about... DNS 129k
Craig Hunt, author of Linux DNS Server Administration, explains the 
fundamentals of the Internet's lookup systems, from the point of view 
of the Linux sysadmin

 True stories - Prime suspect 71k
A Norwegian teenager wanted to watch a legally-purchased film on his 
Linux computer, and the software he wrote to do it brought the police 
knocking at his door. We tell the tale, and poke a little fun at 
attempts to control the code

 Linux at work - Artificial paradises 125k
Samuel Palmer looks behind the scenes at Manchester's Dedicated 
Servers, which has built a highly profitable web hosting business on 
the amazing resource efficiencies of FreeVSD, the world's first GPL'd 
virtual server solution for Linux

 The Knowledge 53k
News of soaraway earnings for skilled Linux integrators, and extra 
training centres for Red Hat, plus a new module from the Linux 
Training Materials Project covering a variety of topics in basic 
system analysis, installation and configuration

 Reviews - Products and services 152k
Including another step towards the ultimate integrated environment 
with GNOME, the latest release of Blender's 3D magic, remote 
management from Caldera's Volution, a preview of the latest version 
of FreeBSD, and truly virtuous network monitoring from NetSaint

 Books 75k
Casually left open on LinuxUser's coffee table this month: books on 
Linux for your laptop, Linux socket programming, a beginner's guide 
to Linux administration, an instant classic in the shape of Linux 
Programming Unleashed, and more...

 Free speech - The public's business 39k
Eben Moglen returns to the pages of LinuxUser with a startling 
forecast: The world's largest market for computer software should 
soon belong overwhelmingly to free software. That looks like a 
remarkable statement, he admits, but it's actually an easy prediction

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