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UPDATED: MSNBC.com/Wall Street Journal: The campaign against Linux is uphill battle for Microsoft

Jun 14, 2001, 22:38 (86 Talkback[s])
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The Wall Street Journal via MSNBC offers this precis of the most recent volleys in the shared source/unAmerican GPL saga. While remaining gentlemanly about the whole thing, it takes some recent Microsoft claims to task and even takes up for the GPL by offering counterexamples of successful companies that provide proprietary software for Linux without endangering themselves and includes a quote from the FSF noting that GPL violations aren't instant cause for legal jihad.

"Indeed, many of the nation's biggest companies, including International Business Machines Corp. and Oracle Corp., regularly release proprietary programs that work with Linux, and Tivo Inc. built its Tivo digital video recorder on top of Linux. What's more, some other open-source software, such as FreeBSD and Apache, are distributed under an entirely different license than Linux, and have virtually no restrictions on them at all. For example, Apple Computer Inc.'s new proprietary Macintosh operating system makes use of FreeBSD."

"Mr. Mundie said he didn't have concrete examples of companies being harmed by Linux or the GPL license. He conceded that some companies might indeed be able to use Linux and not risk their other intellectual property, but said doing so would require "an army of lawyers" because of the complexity of the GPL. He also said it was too early to conclude that using Linux was entirely safe for companies, since many of the issues haven't been tried in a courtroom. "Time will tell," he said."

News value? Not that Microsoft has something wrong, but that the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC are saying so to the extent any reporter practicing the traditional US variation on objectivity is free to say so.

Work continues apace on reviving nofud.linuxtoday.com, by the way, at which time the readers who have a violent opposition to anything Microsoft on these pages and an even more violent opposition to creating an account and setting the Microsoft filter 'on' will get a bit of a respite.

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