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SuSE Linux 7.2 for i386 Arrives, IA-64 On the Way

Jun 15, 2001, 16:44 (28 Talkback[s])
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By Brian Proffitt, Contributing Editor, Linux Today

While the rest of the Linux community was out fighting for truth, justice, and the open source way, one Linux company has decided to respond through action, not words.

SuSE Linux 7.2 has been released today, in its usual Personal and Professional flavors. What it not usual is the fact that SuSE GMbH has about to release a new flavor of SuSE on June 20: the first commercial distribution of Linux ported to the new Intel Itanium 64-bit processor.

SuSE Linux 7.2 for IA-64 will be based on Linux Kernel 2.4.4 Besides the actual operating system, the IA-64 release comprises of 1,500 applications on 6 CD-ROMs, enabling the setup of Intranet and Internet solutions as well as setup and protection of heterogeneous networks. Professional users get all tools needed for setting up WWW, proxy, mail, and news servers in Linux. The support of large files up to 4 TByte equips SuSE Linux 7.2 for IA-64 for utilization as server system for complex database applications.

For those of us who are Intel 32-bit processor users, SuSE has released the 7.2 iteration of its Personal and Professional Editions, which are priced at $29.95 and $69.95, respectively.

This release, which comes a mere three months after the release of the SuSE 7.1 version, has included several upgrades, including Kernel 2.4.4, XFree86 4.0.3, KDE 2.1.2, and GNOME 1.4. SuSE appears to have spent some effort into tightening up its Desktop, based on KDE, even further with the integration of user, group, and corporate configuration tools and more use of the KDE browser/file manager Konqueror. Konqueror has seen its share of improvements, as well, as it now supports the Netscape Communicator plug-ins for Real media and Flash.

Security has also been enhanced in SuSE Linux 7.2, with the inclusion of a demo version of AMaViS, an e-mail virus scanner, and file system encryption tools. SuSE is also continuing its free online updating service, which will feature product and security updates.

Networking capabilities have also been improved in this latest release. Windows file and print server Samba 2.2 is now capable of operating with the Distributed File System by Microsoft, as well as support of Windows 2000 workstations in Samba domains and the administration of the NT server manager.

SuSE Linux 7.2 includes the option to set up ext2 and ReiserFS partitions, but also FAT partitions. The YaST2 user administration now supports the setup and administration of new users and groups, not only in the installation stage, but also when the system is running. NFS servers and clients and the Logical Volume Manager, too, can now be administered with the new YaST2 modules.

Also of interest for fledgling networkers is the inclusion of a new Networking manual in SuSE Professional's already copious documentation, which has been altered for ease-of-use. This manual walks users though setup, configuration, and monitoring of a Linux-based network.

The compiler tool gcc in this new version of SuSE is 2.95.3, and the library files included are based upon glibc 2.2.2 and still supportive of libc5 programs.

As in previous versions of SuSE, the Professional Edition features more development and server applications than the Personal Edition, including: Samba 2.2 server, LDAP server, an auto-installation program, KDevelop 1.4, clustering support, and IP video telephoney applications.

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