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IT.MyCareer.com: Hot air won't make a polar bear from a Linux penguin

Jun 19, 2001, 14:55 (45 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Terry Nelson for this link. ]

We don't have a story category for columns about the mail the columnist got when he said something bad about Linux and got flamed, but this is one of those columns. The author does, at least, admit that obnoxiousness is a near-universal phenomenon among the more rabid OS advocate set.

"Here are some samples from the emails I received: "... your dumb-ass article ... you friggin moron." " I have lost my patience for people who blatantly put Linux down in order to bolster Microsoft's status." "How much is Microsoft paying you?" "Hold on desperately to your delusions. At your age they're all you have left," "I am quite sick of having this sort of thing published and passed off as journalism." "Go and take another Microsoft pill." "So it must be hard to breathe, eh? All that sand in your nose and eyes and all."

You get the idea. Clever, aren't they? And just for reporting the results of a survey from which I did not myself draw any conclusions. The growing popularity of Microsoft Windows 2000 is obviously my fault.

One of the few well-mannered responses I got suggested the survey asked the wrong question of the wrong people. Another said that Linux would succeed because IBM had chosen it as a strategic operating system. My mind goes back to OS/2, and to the fact that I was once also flamed by users of that operating system for predicting its inevitable demise."

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