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Linux-Mandrake Community Newsletter #4

Jun 25, 2001, 20:45 (2 Talkback[s])

                      L I N U X  -  M A N D R A K E

            C O M M U N I T Y      N E W S L E T T E R

                   Issue #4    Saturday, 23 June 2001


Welcome to the Linux-Mandrake Community Newsletter -- dedicated to keeping you up-to-date
with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.

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This Week's Summary: New release of MandrakeFreq; Introducing the Mandrake Cooker Weekly
News; PPC Beta Status Report; Request for MandrakeExpert Volunteers; Business Case of the
Week; MandrakeForum headlines.

Product News
The June edition of MandrakeFreq 8.0 has been released!  Would you like to use the latest
Linux kernel, KDE, Evolution and Nautilus? If so, this latest version of MandrakeFreq is
just for you!  MandrakeFreq is created for power users who like to stay on the "cutting
edge" and run the latest software on their Mandrake Linux system.

MandrakeFreq is a complete distribution that is tested, but not "officially" supported by
MandrakeSoft as it may contain beta software with unresolved bugs. MandrakeFreq includes
two CDs packed with the most up-to-date packages built especially for Mandrake Linux
in-between the official Mandrake Linux versions. In this months MandrakeFreq you'll find:

* KDE 2.2 alpha2 - many new features and enhancements in this early release.
* Kernel 2.4.5: test and enjoy the latest jewel from the kernel team.
* XFree86 4.1 - many new features and improvements, including 3D support 
for ATI Radeon cards.
* Evolution 0.10 - now includes colorized quotes in email messages and 
name completion in the addressbook.
* Nautilus 1.03 - many speed and usability enhancements to the GNOME 
File Manager.
* Mozilla 0.9.1 - speed improvements are very noticeable with better 
support for secured connections.
* Galeon 0.11 - Don't forget to test drive the fastest and smartest 
GNOME browser
* And hundreds of other packages.

Pre-order your copy today or join the MandrakeFreq Subscription Program which entitles you
to five upcoming releases (that's 10 CDs!). By enrolling in the MandrakeFreq Subscription
Offer, you will receive the next four versions of MandrakeFreq (each version includes 2
CDs -- Installation & Extension binaries) plus the 2-CD Mandrake Linux 8.1 Download
Edition when it becomes available.

All this and more is available at MandrakeStore:

MandrakeFreq can also be downloaded from many FTP sites:

What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft?
Introducing the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News.  The "Cooker" is MandrakeSoft's software
development laboratory where the Mandrake Linux distribution is created with full
participation of the public. As a result of Cooker, Mandrake Linux is truly guided by the
users' needs since the community greatly influences its development.

Software development in the Linux world happens so rapidly that it's easy to miss things
that are quite important, so following the model of the Linux Weekly News and others,
MandrakeSoft's developers are proud to announce the new "Mandrake Cooker Weekly News" to
provide concise information about what's being developed internally, what new packages are
available, development policy issues, etc.

To subscribe to the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News, send an email to: 
sympa@linux-mandrake.com with the words "subscribe cooker-mcwn" (no 
quotes) in the subject line.
To read the online Web version, please see http://mt.mandrake.org/mcwn/ 
where the latest edition will always be posted.

The Mandrake Cooker Weekly News is released once a week every Monday night.

Mandrake Linux PPC Beta Status Report
Stew Benedict, lead developer of the Mandrake Linux PPC Beta, offers the following status

The response to Mandrake Linux PPC Beta1 has been good, and with the excellent feedback
from the community, we are addressing issues as quickly as possible. There have been few
issues with the actual applications, with most problems centering on the installation

Read the entire report at:

Show your Open Source Spirit!
MandrakeSoft is looking for volunteers to help answer questions at the MandrakeExpert.com
website. MandrakeExpert.com is an online support forum that provides free support to the
Linux community. MandrakeExpert has quickly become a huge success, sometimes receiving
over 3000 questions per day! Do you have expertise in a particular topic? This is the
perfect opportunity to register as an expert and share your knowledge.  

We would also like to hear your suggestions about ways to improve 
MandrakeExpert, and how to best reward the most valuable experts. Join 
the online discussion at:

What would make a cool gift for MandrakeExperts?
Cast your vote in the Voting Booth and check the results at:

Business Case of the Week
Viata Online, an application service provider based in Hawaii, develops business
to-business solutions for the travel industry. All of their 50+ workstations run Mandrake
Linux instead of Windows, as well as 10+ servers. They use Mandrake for Java and PHP
development; StarOffice for common office tasks, graphics and web design; and many other

Read many more examples of Mandrake Linux in the workplace at:

If you use MandrakeSoft products in your business, please share your 
story by submitting your own personal "Bizcase".

Software Updates
Security-related Software updates have been released for rxvt, webmin, 
ispell, and proftpd. See the entire list at:

Top Stories of the Week from MandrakeForum
Recovering From Disaster: Netscape 6.1 Preview Review.
Tom Berger (webmaster of MandrakeUser.org) reviews the the latest 
Netscape web browser. The consensus seems to be "why bother" and just 
stick with Mozilla.

Mandrake and GeForce2 Go Chip Setup Instructions.  A reader provides instructions on how
to configure Mandrake 8.0 for Nvidia's GeForce2 Go chip.  

Cooker: A new XMMS is here.
After 6 months of development, this popular sound and video player moves from version
1.2.4 to version 1.2.5. XMMS now supports streaming Ogg-Vorbis, provides new translations,
enhanced functionality and many bug fixes.  XMMS 1.2.5 can be found in any of the Cooker
mirrors; it also requires libxmms1-1.2.5-1, readline-4.2-2mdk and the latest versions of
any XMMS plugins that you may already have installed. 

Hidden Treasures: Units
Tom Berger is back again to kick-off a new series about useful, but mostly unknown,
command line utilities. He begins the series with a tutorial on the 'units' command. 

CrossOver Plugin
George Mitchell describes the Crossover Plugin as "an exciting new killer app from
CodeWeavers. It will allow Linux users to use Windows Plugins with their native Linux
browser. The embedded version is available now, but a desktop version is on the way and
will be available soon. Anybody else out their who would like this product included with

Read these and other stories at: http://www.mandrakeforum.com/

Latest headlines from the Linux-Mandrake Demo & Tutorial Center
Recently posted is a Spotlight review of the 8.0 Software Manager. The Software Manager is
a convenient way to keep a Mandrake system up-to-date with the latest Security Updates; it
also provides an easy way to install & remove software packages on a Mandrake system.  

Introduction to installing the PPC beta.
Topics include how to partition a Mac's hard drive to make room for Linux; then a quick
overview of a standard CD-ROM installation on a New World machine.  

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