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Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory: samba

Jul 02, 2001, 17:30 (0 Talkback[s])

                Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory

Package name:           samba
Date:                   June 29th, 2001
Advisory ID:            MDKSA-2001:062

Affected versions:      7.1, 7.2, 8.0, Corporate Server 1.0.1

Problem Description:

 Michal Zalewski has found a vulnerability in all versions of Samba 
 prior to 2.0.10 where if a client sends an invalid netbios name Samba 
 could be tricked into appending it's log to files writable by root.  
 This can be very dangerous if combined with a symlink created by a 
 local user.  Note that the log files must be specified as %m.log in 
 order for this to work, and Mandrake Linux ships Samba by default 
 using log.%m, thus it is not vulnerable "out of the box".



Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of
the downloaded package.  You can do this with the command:
  rpm --checksig package.rpm
You can get the GPG public key of the Mandrake Linux Security Team at
If you use MandrakeUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG
signature is performed automatically for you.

Linux-Mandrake 7.1:
56c2fd045833640c08f5380576f16410  7.1/RPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
c377973bfd8b699678e64d9a9b1674a3  7.1/RPMS/samba-client-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
030523ef3ac70fced03849c478c1ebfe  7.1/RPMS/samba-common-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
6a1e2d71492868704051133c7cea7f60  7.1/SRPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.3mdk.src.rpm

Linux-Mandrake 7.2:
991fdcad4c631cfa060bbc21374d2dd8  7.2/RPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.2mdk.i586.rpm
1da8547bb88864fd974f85efcd2643de  7.2/RPMS/samba-client-2.0.10-1.2mdk.i586.rpm
56420cded466e9a86b3159d2071fcb10  7.2/RPMS/samba-common-2.0.10-1.2mdk.i586.rpm
a5069f151064c25b4eafafb5e664c6e7  7.2/SRPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.2mdk.src.rpm

Mandrake Linux 8.0:
74c9279dfa603c53bb6d3849a6d8cb02  8.0/RPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
c2c233ff7fc7154605fde704667beee6  8.0/RPMS/samba-client-2.0.10-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
baaa778fe9e7c7bea536ebf827c02297  8.0/RPMS/samba-common-2.0.10-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
449f10822df5ccc49f839159e71a2019  8.0/SRPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.1mdk.src.rpm

Corporate Server 1.0.1:
5143308e3d3fea7e4d2905476819019c  1.0.1/RPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
0bf16d228879342e07bd721d3acd32a3  1.0.1/RPMS/samba-client-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
f5a02b96c6865561d4685ab12ea1bbb2  1.0.1/RPMS/samba-common-2.0.10-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
6a1e2d71492868704051133c7cea7f60  1.0.1/SRPMS/samba-2.0.10-1.3mdk.src.rpm

Bug IDs fixed (see https://qa.mandrakesoft.com for more information):


To upgrade automatically, use MandrakeUpdate.

If you want to upgrade manually, download the updated package from one
of our FTP server mirrors and upgrade with "rpm -Fvh *.rpm".

You can download the updates directly from one of the mirror sites
listed at:


Updated packages are available in the "updates/[ver]/RPMS/" directory.
For example, if you are looking for an updated RPM package for
Mandrake Linux 8.0, look for it in "updates/8.0/RPMS/".  Updated source
RPMs are available as well, but you generally do not need to download

Please be aware that sometimes it takes the mirrors a few hours to

You can view other security advisories for Mandrake Linux at:


If you want to report vulnerabilities, please contact


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