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Trustix Secure Linux 1.5 release candidate is available

Jul 05, 2001, 13:30 (1 Talkback[s])
From: Erlend Midttun 
To: tsl-announce@trustix.org
Subject: Trustix Secure Linux - Release candidate 1.4.95 "Lately"
Date: 03 Jul 2001 14:51:45 +0200

This is the FIRST RELEASE CANDIDATE for the upcoming Trustix Secure Linux 1.5
release.  It has version 1.4.95, and is nicknamed "Lately".

It is in serveral ways INCOMPATIBLE with 1.2, and you do not want to
just continue without knowing a little more of what is ahead.

    We belive this is very close to a release.  If you think otherwise,
                      *let us know*

The following packages have incompatible changes compared to 1.2:

* Swup:  Config file changed.
* Postfix:  Going from the last stable to the first release of Postfix
  is a huge step and a lot of features added.
* Apache:  Instead of two separate .src.rpm's, there is now one.  And if you
  need SSL, mod_ssl is there for you.
* Syslog:  Now being run as a user as opposed to root.  Meaning it will need
  write permissions to the logs you want it to write to.
* RPM:   If you upgrade, you need to start with rpm.  And rebuild it's

Version numbers:

We changed the version numbers on a few dated packages as we got inspired
by Debian.  This affects the following packages:
* Postfix.
* Shadow-utils.
* Iputils.
* Console-tools.

You will need to help swup (or the installer for that matter) in the task
of upgrading these.

Now for the good stuff:
We've added (in no particular order):

* SWUP.  We know you will love it, we sure do.
* RP-PPPoe.  (Did I mention I just got ADSL?)
* PPP support.
* Postfix-TLS.  
* PHP4.  With support for god knows what.
* MySQL.
* RPM 3.0.6 with support for RPM v4 packages.
* Netatalk.
* Kernel 2.2.19.  2.4 will have to wait
* pump.  You can now get dynamic IP addresses also on your servers to
  confuse your users.
* Modutils 2.4.  Guess why :)
* netcat.  "nc your-printer 9100 < file.ps" is good printer spooling.
  I think.
* wget.
* jwhois.
* libcap.
* bonnie.  Time your disks.
* rdate (we think)
* Python-bindings for OpenSSL.
* xntpd now uses capabilites.
* New and improved web site :-)
* Guess we left out something.

Stuff we left out:
* OpenLDAP is still in 1.2 series.  There is a new 2 series out, but we
  found no way of getting a smooth upgrade.
* perl.  Version 5.6.1 is out, but again we found no clean way of making an
  rpm for it.  We still ship the old 5.005_03.  Sorry.

Fixed dependency problems in the installer.  As in: If you get a message
sayign there is a dependency problem, belive it.

Please test it, and give us feedback so we can get rid of most of the bugs
before 1.5.

So where on earth is this?  On our servers, it is available at


Some mirrors have it, others don't and I don't blame them :-)

Erlend Midttun                                       erlendbm@trustix.com
Product Development Manager, Trustix Secure Linux
http://www.tihlde.org/~erlendbm/                         A Unix Admin
              Where do you want to fly today?  Linux.

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