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LinuxPR: Redmond Linux Corp. declares independence from per-seat licensing trend

Jul 05, 2001, 17:00 (13 Talkback[s])

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Redmond Linux Corp. has a firm stand against the practices of pay-per-download and per-seat licensing. Redmond Linux users will always be able to download the ISO images of Redmond Linux and get free support from the mailing lists.

Rick Collette, VP of Marketing for Redmond Linux states, "It just doesn't ring right with us that people are over-capitalizing on the Linux distributions. We don't want to be know with the groups that are committing Linucide, we want to be known as the group who really likes what they do, and does it well."

Redmond Linux Corp. provides a top-notch simplified and supported Linux distribution that comes with no hidden strings. Those who buy or download Redmond Linux get the full version, not a lesser version. All copies of Redmond Linux, whether downloaded or purchased, come with support. Purchased versions include additional support and a manual, but even downloaded versions include free online support and a path to purchase support if needed.

Redmond Linux will never have mandatory per-seat licenses. Redmond Linux users will never have to pay to download an ISO image. Users will never be charged to get help via the mailing lists. These are the things that have always set the Linux community apart from others, and Redmond Linux Corp. feels the culture should be maintained.

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