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GamePC.com: AMD Athlon Multi-Processor Under Linux

Jul 13, 2001, 16:34 (9 Talkback[s])

GamePC.com has done a fairly self-explanatory shootout involving Athlons, Pentiums, and SMP support under Linux. Readers may be soured to the overall reliability of the findings by a few blatantly erroneous assertions that have since been corrected, but the numbers are there for the usual scrutiny, debate, and anecdotal quibbling:

"...And there you have it. Linux has proven again that it can do a number of things well, and handle multiprocessor support is definitely among them. Linux supported SMP long before any version of Windows, and Linux running quality hardware is quite a sight. I suppose it's about time to upgrade from my old Pentium 90. We had almost no problems with hardware compatibility, except for getting the GeForce 3 to work correctly. Update: Apparently WinNT 3.1 supported SMP in 93 and Linux kernel 1.0 (with SMP) wasn't released until 94. ...As for the processors, well the Athlon MPs screamed past our expectations, equaling or surpassing even the Pentium 4 in many tests. Of course, the P4 knocked everyone else off the floor when it came to the Quake 3 benches, and, really, when you get down to it, isn't that what's most important?"

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