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LinuxDevices.com: Transvirtual gets $4.0M, launches XOE device platform

Jul 13, 2001, 21:15 (2 Talkback[s])

TransVirtual scored some funding and announced its XOE device platform, a commerical implementation of its PocketLinux distribution:

"According to company founder Tim Wilkinson, "XOE is the commercial implementation of PocketLinux." Unlike PocketLinux and the Kaffe VM, XOE will completely offered as open source software but will instead be licensed by Transvirtual to OEMs manufacturing devices. However, Wilkinson says the company plans to release much of XOE to the open source community under the GNU General Public License (GPL). According to Wilkinson, XOE technology is covered by several patents. "However, all the APIs will be fully published and fully open, so there is nothing to prevent competitors from implementing compatible software," he adds.

Tony Fader, Transvirtual's VP of Marketing, portrays the advantages of XOE this way: "Basically, Java used to be an applet delivery platform -- but it was constrained to the frame that it was delivered in. What we've done with XOE is to expand that frame all the way out to the edge of the device. As a result, instead of developers writing applications to the Java or AWT APIs, we make it possible for them to write in familiar XML, xhtml, and html -- the language of the Web." According to Fader, "you can easily convert between iMODE (a sort of Japanese version of WAP) and html because the entire front end of the virtual machine is based on XML technology."

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