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The Not-so-Great Debate over Open Source

Jul 26, 2001, 23:27 (12 Talkback[s])

According to Dan Gillmor, the "brawl to settle it all" with Craig Mundie at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention may not have settled much:

Gillmor writes:

"Microsoft's Craig Mundie is coming off almost as a statesman by comparison to his opponent in a debate this morning at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Red Hat's Michael Tiemann used his talk to bait the Redmond bear, while Mundie calmly explained Microsoft's views of open source software.

In other words, we're hearing nothing new this morning so far. Maybe the panel following the debate will be more useful.

UPDATE: It is. Clay Shirky just got Microsoft's David Stutz to say that it will be possible to make a round-trip query/response using Hailstorm services without "phoning home" to Microsoft servers."

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Searls writes:

"Now Mundie is on stage, saying nothing. "Create a dialog... long term implications..."

Hah: Mundie put up a slide of himself plus a mini-me version: Dave Stutz. That helps.

Microsoft has no beef, he says, with open source. "In fact we think it's part of an ecosystem ... worldwide."

Now comes the wedge: "Open source isn't the issue." He's cocking his gun to shoot at the GPL."

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