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MLUG: 'So listen good - use Linux; It's the only real escape.'

Jul 29, 2001, 12:00 (9 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Alan Truesdale for this link. ] Start your Sunday off with some 'Tux Noir':

"It was back in 1996. A sordid tale if there ever was one. Foul enough to shock even me, a hard-boiled computer junkie. The stench was so thick you could cut it with a knife and serve it as day-old bread. So maybe I just have to come clean now. Maybe it will help some poor schmuck somewhere. Life may be nothin' but a crooked game of five card stud with no more chips left to play; but maybe I can bring some glimmer of good to someone once in my life.

I'd been using Windows 95 since the spring of '95 when a buddy gave me a beta to try. Looked good at the time, strictly legit. I knew it wasn't no Cadillac, more like a '55 DeSoto, lots of lights, chrome and fins, but mostly junk under the hood; but what was I gonna do, it was the only game in town. It was months before I began to suspect anything. Then they came out with Internet Explorer and offered it for free. That's when the first little red light started flashing, not enough to grab your attention but kind of irritating; like a fly that won't stay off your head. I should have seen it right away but I didn't.

It wasn't until they started to stick it in the main OS that I woke up. The little red light started flashing brighter, like the heat in my rear view mirror. I knew something was up. Something bad, real bad. It was late, it was dark and it was raining hard; so maybe I was just in a one of those moods. But I didn't want them telling me how I was going to use my own machine."

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