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AllLinuxDevices: PlayApp Offers Free Open-Source Alternative to Microsoft's Passport

Jul 31, 2001, 23:45 (14 Talkback[s])
"PlayApp, LLC, Internet distributor of protected PlayApps, in the form of digital books, music, videos, business apps, and streaming channels, announced today that they are offering their PlayApp Key technology as a free open-source alternative to Microsoft's Passport.

PlayApp Keys, which are key-chain sized portable USB devices consumers can purchase from PlayApp.com for $44 each, give consumers complete control over many of their security needs. PlayApp Keys, when used with the free PlayApp Player program, allows consumers to instantly log-on to websites. Other uses include generating codes for encrypting/decrypting files and generating/using PGP passphrases for secure email/real-time communications.

...Each PlayApp Key is pre-programmed with random algorithms, so no two are alike. Because PlayApp Keys generate random alphanumeric codes, they are future-proof and can be easily used with any application requiring randomly generated security codes. PlayApp Keys are small USB plug & play devices that can be carried around on a key chain and taken anywhere the consumer goes and uses a computer, at home, work, or on the road."

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