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LinuxFreak.org: How to Pronounce Linux... Properly

Aug 04, 2001, 14:30 (28 Talkback[s])

It's Saturday and we're at loose ends. LinuxFreak braves the waters of 'i' as in "pie" and 'i' as in 'ichthyosaur.' LinuxFreak offers:

"Pronouncing the word `` Linux'' is one of the great mysteries of the Linux world. Americans pronounce the name Linus with a long i sound, as in pie. However, because Linux was originally based on a small, PC-based implementation of UNIX called ``Minix'' (pronounced with a short i), the actual pronunciation of Linux preserves this characteristic-it's LIH-nucks. Think Finnish."
and they've thoughtfully included the infamous "Helloooo, this is Linus Torvalds" .au we've never been able to hear clearly enough to have an opinion over.

Killjoys need not apply.

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