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Introduction to the Canada DMCA Opponents forum.

Aug 05, 2001, 13:30 (6 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Russell McOrmond for this link. ]

This is an introduction to the materials to be posted at http://www.flora.org/dmca/ , as well as the canada-dmca-opponents@flora.org mailing list.

The Government of Canada is launching the process for reforming Canadian copyright legislation over the years to come. This process has sparked the creation of this online forum, as well as a number of other forums.

The government process can be read about at:

Most controversial may be the provisions similar to the USA's Digital Millennium Copyright Act which not only makes legal the circumvention by copyright holders of copyright's Fair Use provisions, but also makes the circumvention of this circumvention a crime.

To many, this circumvention of fair use is in complete opposition to the ideals of copyright to create a balance between the privileges that governments grant to copyright holders on their temporary monopoly on the intellectual work, and the rights of the users of the materials as well as the good of society as a whole.

The purpose of this list is to discuss this process, and to facilitate discussion between similar-minded people who wish to make submissions, as well as promote a more balanced reform process. Subscribe/unsubscribe instructions are posted at http://www.flora.org/dmca

Note: This list is a publicly archived list, and messages submitted are not filtered (beyond basic technical issues such as a rejection of messages containing file attachments, or messages from unknown authors). Do not send a message to canada-dmca-opponents@flora.org that are not intended for public view. This very specifically means that you should never submit information from others that is not already public, or for which you have not received permission to submit.

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