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The Founder of PC's for Kids: "we have been looking hard at Linux"

Aug 06, 2001, 22:48 (62 Talkback[s])


As the founder of PC's for Kids in Australia I wish to thank all in the Linux community for their tips / suggestions and comments. Our project is all about assisting our "less fortunate" children to gain vital advancement in their educational life.

We are not bucking on the Linux community as some may feel, we have been looking hard at Linux and four of our assistants have just attended a full training session in Melbourne on Linux. Having just entered Linux it is a whole new learing curve for us and we are starting to understand it more each day.

The issue with Microsoft is of importance to all throughout the world. We have received over 2,500 emails of support against only 29 emails supporting (Bill Gates) not a very good (PR) trip down ISP lane for Microsoft.

Let's also consider the kids: we know they will learn Linux or other Open software. To them it's like switching from football to handball. Kids in the Australian education area do work daily with Microsoft. For this and other issues of the Microsoft Corporate Law Officers we are trying to get (Microsoft & Bill) to understand that you are hurting "Kids" in this whole fight. The money they have pumped into fighting our little un-known charity must be in the $$$$$$ sum. Children should have a choice in this FREE world, hence the reason we are opting to fight Microsoft on the PR front so kids will have the choice. Also, it must be pointed out that Microsoft will keep attacking the good work of charities if we back down.

We are not on any ego trip here, just the right to assist kids. Please let me say one final comment on this:

PC's for kids is a grass roots project made up of unemployed/retired and other community members. We at PC's for Kids have no sponsor. We do not have a fundraising team and we live day to day to serve chilren. Our loyal team is committed to serve our less fortunate and no man can say we didn't give it our best shot to assist children. So if Bill Gates or other Microsoft employees are reading this, we hope common sense will prevail.


Colin Bayes
President / Founder

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