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SystemLogic.net: WindowsXP vs. Linux Mandrake: Some Aesthetic Observations (and a gratuitous Ballmer-monkey-dance link)

Aug 07, 2001, 13:00 (31 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Dave for this link. ]

This column takes a look at the similarities between WindowsXP and Linux Mandrake and finds the issue of just who is chasing which headlights is a little more muddled than we might be led to believe. Since it's a Microsoft story anyhow, we're chucking in the link to net.videos of Steve Ballmer dancing around like a monkey: set your filters if you hate it too badly:

"My main rig is a dual PIII 600. It typically runs Linux-Mandrake because 9x doesn't support dual processors and 2000 only pissed me off with it's vague, "You have a hardware error, contact your hardware vendor." errors. Sometimes dealing with 2000 was like dealing with a cross between Marvin the Paranoid Android, HAL and a VCR that always blinks 12:00.

Seeing how XP Professional is based on a new kernel and supports dual processors natively, I figured I'd give it a shot and set the PC up to also run XP.

The installation went amazingly smooth, but some things struck me so familiar, it was actually funny. There were some parallels with what makes Mandrake "cute and fuzzy" and "easy to work with", that I was running that AC/DC song "Who Made Who" over and over again in my head."

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The promised link to Mr. Ballmer's antics.

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