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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #10

Aug 21, 2001, 08:46 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Phil Lavigna for this link. ]

*********************************************************************** Issue #10 Monday, 20 August 2001 Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info. *********************************************************************** This Week's Summary: Mandrake 8.1 Beta Available for Download & Testing; Mandrake Cooker Weekly News Highlights; MandrakeSoft will be at LinuxWorld; Spotlight on KDE; Business Case of the Week; Top Headlines from MandrakeForum; New Updates at MandrakeUser.org. What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft? ---------------------------------------- Mandrake 8.1 Beta now available! The first Beta of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 8.1 for x86 is now available for download and testing. Test drive the latest 2.4.8 Linux kernel; the shiny new KDE 2.2; the latest Ximian Evolution 1.0 beta 2; try your new digital camera with gphoto2; configure and reconfigure your printer with the reworked printerdrake and its new friend foomatic; and much more. Read about the many new features here. Download Mandrake 8.1 Beta1 from any of the mirrors, then please test and report any bugs. With your help, we can make Mandrake 8.1 the best release ever! -- The August 13th edition of the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News speaks about the Drakxtools being "web-enabled" -- this means that in Mandrake 8.1, many of the cool tools in the Mandrake Control Center will be accessible through a secure web browser. Another interesting feature planned for 8.1 is a set of scripts for hot-plug hardware so that you'll be able to plug in a USB camera/webcam/whatever and see the appropriate shortcut appear "automagically" on the desktop. To subscribe to the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News, send an email to: sympa@linux-mandrake.com with the words "subscribe cooker-mcwn" (no quotes) in the subject line. To read the online Web version, please see http://mt.mandrake.org/mcwn/ where the latest edition is always posted. Upcoming Events ---------------------------------------- LinuxWorld Conference & Expo coming soon! This year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will be at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. The conference will be held August 26-30, and the Expo is scheduled for August 28-30, 2001. Some of the keynote presentations include: "Linux Throughout the Enterprise - Ready or Not?", "Old vs. New: The New New Old War", "The $25,000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award" presented by Linus himself, and many others. http://www.linuxexpo.com/ MandrakeSoft will have a large booth on the Exposition floor where we'll be handing out lots of 8.0 CDs, giving presentations, holding a drawing, and hosting many other fun activities, so please stop by -- we'd like to meet you. Spotlight on KDE ---------------------------------------- One of the many wonderful Free Software projects that MandrakeSoft proudly sponsors is KDE. KDE is an independent software project that has hundreds of developers working through the Internet to create a sophisticated, customizable and stable desktop environment. Just last week the KDE project announced the final release of KDE 2.2 which features many new additions, speed/performance enhancements, and stability improvements. For more information about what's new in KDE 2.2, check out their "Features" page. Business Case of the Week ---------------------------------------- Mandrake-Linux Migration for local government is well under way! An IT manager of a municipality located near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has migrated nearly his entire network to Mandrake Linux: "With the exception of four client PC's used for Graphics and specialty software, our migration is almost complete. We have reduced our O/S and software costs by 92%, and increased reliability by 400%! Next-Stop - City Hall!" Read many more examples of Mandrake Linux in the workplace at: http://www.MandrakeBizCases.com/ If you use MandrakeSoft products in your business, please share your story by submitting your own personal "Bizcase". Quick Fact ---------------------------------------- The Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter is emailed each week to 95,000 readers -- 88,000 in English, 4,726 French, 1,422 German, and 956 Spanish. Top Stories of the Week from MandrakeForum ---------------------------------------- Playing Movies with Mandrake. marhol asks the question: "What programs are people using to view movie files with Mandrake? Mpeg's arent a worry but what about avi's ? The programme I have heard a lot about (XMPS) wouldn't compile and does anyone know if Apple will release a QuickTime player for Linux?" GNOME 1.4.1 Beta1 RPMs On Cooker. Lots of new features for people who like to stay on the "bleeding edge"; Nautilus 1.0.4 is reportedly much faster than the previous version. For The Adventurous: Obscure Kernel Patches. Tom writes: "As you may know, everyone can write patches to the standard Linux kernel as released by kernel.org. Sometimes these patches get integrated, but more often they are either too specialized or potentially dangerous to be included." WebWatch: Font Resources. Tom offers some tips on locating free fonts on the Internet that can be used with Mandrake Linux. Read these and other stories at http://www.mandrakeforum.com/ What's New at MandrakeUser.org? ---------------------------------------- Many new updates in the "Connectivity" section; and a new article about xinetd. Xinetd is the "eXtented InterNET services Daemon" which controls access to many of the services running on a Mandrake system. MandrakeUser.org is a huge knowledge database for users of the Mandrake Linux distribution. The website offers a searchable interface for documentation and a user's bulletin board. ----------------------------------------