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LWN.net: Roswell: the second sighting - available now (Red Hat 7.2 Second Beta)

Aug 21, 2001, 22:50 (22 Talkback[s])

Red Hat wants you to know that the second beta release of Roswell (7.2) is in better shape than the first:

"Recent reports, however, show even more odd events. "I went back to the same place I'd seen it before," said one distressed townsperson. "What I'd seen before was gone - there was SOMETHING else out there. It looked more complete; while some of the stuff that I saw last week was completely smashed and unusable, this new evidence is almost recognizable."

Other Roswell enthusiasts confirmed. "What's there now is definitely different; it seems to be a completely new reworking of the technology. I'd guess nearly a third of it appears to have changed in one way or another."

Experts caution against unsafe deployment of technology gained from these incidents, though. "I wouldn't put anything based on this into production." said one scientist. "I mean, this stuff just fell out of the sky! Any computer you install this on could start being used by THEM to construct sophisticated mind-control devices. Or, more likely, it would just catch fire and melt down. However, if that does happen, we'd want to know about it."

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