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CNET/Yahoo!/SourceForge: VA Linux to sell proprietary software

Aug 24, 2001, 01:49 (34 Talkback[s])

In the face of losses in excess of $200 million this quarter, VA Linux is changing the way it approaches its core software product, SourceForge, by introducing "closed-source enhancements" as part of a product it's calling "SourceForge Enterprise Edition":

CNET/Yahoo!: VA Linux to sell proprietary software

"Now the Fremont, Calif., company will sell closed-source enhancements to companies wanting to use the collaborative programming software, called SourceForge Enterprise Edition, Chief Executive Larry Augustin said in an interview Thursday.

While some companies such as Red Hat have stayed with the open-source philosophy, under which software may be changed, modified or redistributed by anyone, others such as ArsDigita have reversed that direction to focus instead on more traditional sales of proprietary software modules. And Covalent Technologies always has sold proprietary additions to the open-source Apache software.

The mixture of open and proprietary software "is a model we saw a lot of people going to," Augustin said. With VA still backing an open-source core to SourceForge, "We felt we could still be true to the open-source roots and at the same time go to a business model that was proven," he said."

Augustin's Letter to SourceForge Users
"With its new strategic focus on application software, VA is developing a commercial SourceForge product, SourceForge Enterprise Edition (formerly known as "SourceForge OnSite"). As part of SourceForge Enterprise Edition, VA will be developing proprietary extensions to SourceForge, including software that interfaces with VA Linux customers' existing proprietary applications, as well as other features enabling installation and integration.

By selling proprietary software together with Open Source software, VA is making it easier for its enterprise customers to purchase and deploy SourceForge software. VA Linux will be distributing SourceForge Enterprise Edition to its corporate customers under a combination of the Mozilla Public License (version 1.1) and a proprietary software license.

SourceForge.net users will see virtually no changes. VA Linux and OSDN will continue to provide free services to the community through SourceForge.net. Our commitment to SourceForge.net is stronger than ever, and our goal is to improve quality of service and functionality to our users."

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