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LinuxWorld Expo: Some Links to Roundups and Video Clips

Aug 31, 2001, 23:21 (0 Talkback[s])

Here's a collection of links, roundups, and video clips from LinuxWorld Expo, including video of Linus Torvalds discussing the future of the GPL and MP3's/Real streams of Lawrence Lessig's interesting hour-long talk on the importance of political activism on the part of open source developers.

LinuxLookup has brief rundowns of events for days one, two, and three.

"The .org pavilion had showings from LTSP, NetBSD, GNU, Free Software Foundation, KDE, WindowMaker, Open Source Development Labs, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and much more. I made sure to visit the Debian booth and purchase a few t-shirts to help support my favourite distro.

This was my first time at such a large Linux event and I was quite happy with what I came back with. I met some great people, learned about some new products, and overall I had a fantastic time."

Linux Weekly News also had some coverage of Tuesday, with a few pictures.

NewsForge had a pair of items as well:

  • LinuxWorld: The orgs ye shall have with you always (very brief)
    "Some of the corporate booths at this year's San Francisco LinuxWorld were bigger than what Microsoft puts up at regional "generic" computer shows. But the orgs -- the volunteer and cooperative groups that are the heart of Linux and Open Source, are still around (although hidden, as usual, behind the huge commercial displays), unfazed, unbattered and proud."
  • Another Linux show, another $100,000
    "My feet are tired, but not as tired as they would be if this week's LinuxWorld in San Francisco had been as big as previous ones. There was a good collection of big, slick corporate booths, the kind that cost $100,000 or more to build (plus fees to be there at all), and a number of smaller commercial exhibitors. There were even a few semi-exciting products on display, but not nearly as many as at past LinuxWorld Expos.

    I am tired of covering trade shows. I have been to enough of them that none of them seem to offer anything new. Yes, this company has a server that is a little faster and smaller than the ones they were selling last year, and so-and-so has replaced version 5.3.4 of their software with version and is making major hoopla over it, but so what? Been there, done that, got the sore feet and dozens of logo-emblazoned T-shirts to prove it. The swag level this week is down from previous Linux shows, a phenomenon that is not Linux-specific; every computer industry show I've been to in 2001 has less swag, fewer exhibitors, and fewer attendees than last year."

  • LinuxDevices.com links to a collection of video from CNET:
    • Open source and commercial challenges -- Apache founder Brian Behlendorf and Linux kernel founder Linus Torvalds talk about issues pertaining to the commercialization of Linux and how companies can both make money and compete on an open source platform.
    • The future of the GPL -- Brian Behlendorf and Linus Torvalds talk about the shelf life of the GPL, and whether it should be kept alive.
    • Open source creates an even playing field -- Linux founder Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel, former technology chief at SuSE, discuss what's most important to the open-source community. Torvalds holds that there is no overarching focus, yet Hohndel says the market might think otherwise.
    • Some cool devices running Embedded Linux, including Compaq iPAQ, an Earthlink telematics device, and the HP Digital Entertainment Center.
  • Dr. Dobbs Journal has a collection of MP3 and Real streams of Lawrence Lessig discussing Old vs. New: The New New Old War. (This one's particularly interesting.)

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