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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #11

Sep 02, 2001, 16:01 (0 Talkback[s])

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                Issue #11    Monday, 27 August 2001

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: Happy Birthday Linux!; MandrakeSoft events at 
LinuxWorld; Mandrake Linux PPC Final Release available; Awards & 
Accolades for Mandrake 8.0; Buying MandrakeSoft shares; Mandrake in the 
News; Business Case of the Week; Security-related Software Updates; Top 
Headlines from MandrakeForum.

Ten Years of Linux
Ten years ago on August 25th 1991, Linus Torvalds announced to the 
comp.os.minix newsgroup that he was developing a new computer operating 
system. In only one decade, Linux has quickly evolved from one man's 
personal project into a worldwide grass-roots movement.

The entire staff at MandrakeSoft would like to congratulate and thank 
each person who has worked on Free Software projects over the past 
decade, and also the millions of users who have discovered the 
importance & benefits of Free Software. Happy Birthday Linux, we wish 
you many more!

Upcoming Events
MandrakeSoft will be present at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.
Jay Beale, MandrakeSoft's Security Team Director, will be conducting three 
sessions/tutorials at this year's LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco, CA.
* C36: Bastille Linux and Linux Mandrake: Past and Future,
  Wednesday Aug. 29, 10:30am-11:45am
* TD: Securing Linux/UNIX Systems - Part 1 -- Monday Aug 27, 9am-12pm
* TH: Securing Linux/UNIX Systems - Part 2 -- Monday Aug 27, 1pm-4pm"

Product News
Mandrake Linux PPC 8.0 Final Release available.   
In response to popular demand, MandrakeSoft proudly announces the 
immediate availability of Mandrake Linux 8.0 PPC. This new release 
builds upon the highly successful Mandrake Linux 8.0 for x86 
architecture to bring the world-famous "Mandrake Touch" to Macintosh 
users. Please see the Mandrake website for additional details.

Pre-orders are now being accepted, or download your copy of Mandrake 
Linux 8.0 PPC today!

Awards & Accolades
The September issue of Linux Magazine features the "2001 Editor's
Choice Awards: The Tuxies" -- Mandrake Linux 8.0 is awarded first place 
for best Desktop Distribution, and the Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 
is selected as runner-up in the Server category. This is some of 
what they say about 8.0:
"While all Linux distributions share a lot of features, it's the little 
touches that make all the difference. We chose Linux-Mandrake for "Best 
Desktop Distro" for many reasons, and mostly because it makes setup and 
configuration a snap. The Mandrake Control Center makes it dead easy to
configure network settings, printers, and security...
In short, it would be hard to ask for more from a desktop system than 
what you get with Mandrake 8.0."

Financial Corner
How to buy MandrakeSoft shares?
Several people have reported difficulties while trying to purchase 
MandrakeSoft shares on Euronext. Please provide to your broker or bank the
following information: "Euroclear code 4477.PA" and "Reuters code 
MAKE.PA" when making trades. 

If you have successfully purchased MandrakeSoft shares, or have experienced
any problems doing so, please let us know the details by sending an email to
mailto:jmiller@mandrakesoft.com so that we can create a HOWTO on this
subject to help other potential Mandrake investors.

Mandrake in the News
Canada Computes.com reviews the Mandrake Linux 8.0 Powerpack Edition
and concludes:
"Mandrake 8.0 is as close to a flawless Linux distribution as you can 
get, and I would highly recommend to anyone. Mandrake 8.0, as far as 
I'm concerned, is now the benchmark against which other distributions 
will be measured.
It really is that good."

ZDNet -- The Linux lineup.
ZDNet evaluates seven major Linux distributions and has this to say
about Mandrake 8.0:
"Simply put, no other distribution beats the polished user experience 
offered by Linux-Mandrake 8.0. If you're currently running release 7.2, 
version 8.0 provides a seamless upgrade. And if you've never tried 
Linux-Mandrake, version 8.0's amazing level of automation and its 
decked-out installation GUI provide the perfect Linux launching point. 
Featuring a GUI face-lift and the latest versions of the kernel, 
XFree86, GNOME and KDE, Linux-Mandrake 8.0 sits squarely at the 
forefront of powerful yet easy-to-use distributions."

The September edition of Linux Magazine has a short piece titled: 
Linux-Mandrake Single Network Firewall: Security in Style --
"Everyone knows that Linux is a great OS for building a firewall. 
Unfortunately, setting up a firewall can be tricky for a non-guru when 
you have to muck about with setting up firewall rules at the command 
Linux-Mandrake's Single Network Firewall takes some of the pain out of 
firewall setup and allows configuration to be done through a secure Web 
interface. In addition to firewall features, the Single Network 
Firewall provides Proxy services, DHCP, content filtering, and 
sophisticated network monitoring tools.
The Single Network Firewall distro is available for download, or you 
can purchase it through Mandrake or one of their resellers at the 
street price of $99."

Business Case of the Week
Linux Mandrake is a better Domain server than NT!!!
The University of Southampton uses Mandrake Linux 7.2 with Samba 2.0.7 
as a domain logon server for their "Surface Science and Catalysis" 
research group:
"We have about 25 NT4 WS machines with about 35 users and a handful of 
95/3.11 boxes too... We use the linux machine not only for a Domain 
server but also as a filestore, print server, ftp server, mail 
server/router and a compute server."

Read many more examples of Mandrake Linux in the workplace at:

If you use MandrakeSoft products in your business, please share your 
story by submitting your own personal "Bizcase".

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for gdm, openldap 
and telnet. View the entire list.

Top Stories of the Week from MandrakeForum
Trying To Recover MF (I): The Ifs, the Hows and the Whens.
Tom and Vincent discuss the recovery process for the MandrakeForum 
website, and spark some interesting comments about RAID.

Common Misconceptions About The GPL.
Tom kicks-off a lively discussion about the General Public License: 
"Every eight weeks or so there's a somewhat heated discussion on GPL   
related issues. One reason why these discussions are so impassionate is 
that a lot of people misunderstand the nature or the content of this 
license. Here are some of the most popular misconceptions..."

Please Shoot Me.
A dead hard drive temporarily disabled the Forum on Tuesday. 
Unfortunately many of the stories posted over the past four weeks are 
now missing; data recovery is being performed on the drive so hopefully 
all of the past stories will be back online soon.

Read these and other stories at: