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Netscape Lays Off Mozilla Project's "Chief Lizard Wrangler"

Sep 05, 2001, 02:30 (15 Talkback[s])

Mozilla's 'Chief Lizard Wrangler' Mitchell Baker was laid off by Netscape on August 23. In a message to the mozilla-general mailing list and the public.mozilla.general, the "manager, problem arbitrator, and speaker to suits" of the organization announced the layoff and said "I remain committed to the Mozilla project and to contributing in whatever ways I can."

An article on MozillaQuest.com discusses the layoff (via a bug registered in the project's Bugzilla database) and indulges in some speculation based on "rumors flying around that Netscape has laid off other employees that had been working on the Mozilla project."

We'll note a second time that the only substantive information available from any of the involved parties is that Baker is no longer working for Netscape and that the company released her on August 23.