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UPDATED: Editor's Note and Rescue Effort/Relief Links

Sep 14, 2001, 15:14 (4 Talkback[s])

[ Our parent company, interenet.com, has decided to mass the efforts of all its sites in terms of gathering information on how individuals may help out after the 9/11 attacks. We're doing it this way to provide consistent, non-duplicative work that can be updated in a timely manner as events unfold without individual site editors having to continually check and update information.

A link to internet.com's coverage can be found from our front page on the right-hand column immediately over "Today's Big Story" in the form of an US Flag Ribbon graphic with the caption 9/11/01, or you can go there directly by visiting http://www.internetnews.com/special.

If you have information you'd like to share specifically with other readers of this site, feel free to place it in talkbacks. Links appropriate to a general audience will be forwarded to the InternetNews.com staff following this story. -ed.]

It's not the intent of LinuxToday to "cover" this unfolding story, as yesterday's front page probably indicated. There are sources better equipped to handle breaking news and most readers most likely found them fairly quickly. The list internet.com has provided is certainly limited, though staff members are committed to updating it as possible. I'm not presenting this as the final word, but rather as an anchor upon which the Linux Today reading community can build, so please limit comments under this item to contributing useful links providing additional information on how best to help out in the wake of yesterday's attacks. If readers feel they absolutely must comment on the execution of this particular item, I am happy to receive e-mail.

Though we kept the links about the attacks to a minimum, we continue to host ongoing discussion on the events. This was largely against my better judgement, because LinuxToday isn't a "political" site. But the parks, neighborhood bars, living rooms, and coffee shops people clustered around tv's at yesterday aren't "political places," either, and I'm certain they were used to discuss the same issues readers wrestle with here. I hope the amount of space we did give was adequate for members of our reading community who wanted to discuss events with friends they've made on our pages.

The discussion has become heated in pockets, as is inevitable. I can't say that every comment has escaped moderation, as much as I understand the frustration and anger many feel. At the same time, we have four items on the front page discussing various elements of the tragedies yesterday that will remain there for another day or so before dropping out and being replaced by more mundane news. While those stories remain, I hope readers will remember that others they discuss these events with are more likely than not thoughtful people who will, by virtue of the simple and awesome diversity of our community, inevitably have different ways of seeing the world we share.

Michael Hall, Managing Editor